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All new class participants are offered a half-price one-hour 1-2-1 or MamaMOT​ to ensure that even in a class setting, you will get a safe personalised programme where appropriate. 

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One-to-one means you get a personal programme that will be designed to suit you. Working alongside a specialist personal trainer ensures you are following an appropriate programme and you can see yourself progressing safely week by week, month by month as your programme is adapted to suit your changing fitness levels. Sessions can be in my gym setting, in your home or outdoors (weather permitting).


OoberMama offers PT sessions for up to two people, so you can share the cost if you prefer. Whether it is a combined weight-loss/fitness outcome you are looking for or Pilates, HiiT, kick-boxing, Hypopressives, or pre-natal/post-natal workout, I can design a personal programme that fits your health and fitness goals. Please email for prices and packages.

For more information or to book an activity, click here to get in touch:

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