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All new class participants are offered a half-price one-hour 1-2-1 or MamaMOT​ to ensure that even in a class setting, you will get a safe personalised programme where appropriate. 

Oober Mama baby excercies

Postnatal Recovery

Where I recognise you have just had a baby! We kick off with a MamaMOT, a 1-1 where you will have a comprehensive assessment to check whether or not your abs have gone back together and your pelvic floor function. Often the first professional to detect abdominal separation (DR), I believe this early diagnosis is key.

Doing the wrong kind of exercise can actually make the condition worse; in rare cases even requiring expensive and painful surgery to stitch the muscular tissue back together. I can also empathise firsthand with clients, having discovered and successfully closed my own Diastasis, 14 years after my fourth pregnancy. Proof that it is rarely too late to try and repair the issue; I have also helped clients reduce and even close separations of 20 plus years. I use a unique mix of Pilates and a low-pressure breathing and fitness technique called Hypopressives. (See separate page). Online, 1-1 and class options are available. OOBERMAMA’S Mums & Tums and Buggy Bootcamp classes are designed to ensure you get back in shape safely, so you can return to regular exercise or your favourite sports with a stronger core and great all-round conditioning. (Email for further details). Babies can come too and sit and watch (or maybe even sleep!) during classes or join in for Buggy Bootcamp in the park. This is a great way to get fit and meet other mums. Exercises are done at your own pace with body-weight exercises and interval training as appropriate. New clients - post-natal (6 weeks normal delivery/12 weeks post-section). Sessions last 50 minutes. *All new mums are required to get medical clearance from their family doctor before starting.

For more information or to book an activity, click here to get in touch:

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