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All new class participants are offered a half-price one-hour 1-2-1 or MamaMOT​ to ensure that even in a class setting, you will get a safe personalised programme where appropriate. 

Oober Mama prenatal pilates

Prenatal Pilates

Why? Because research indicates that mums who work-out during pregnancy are more likely to have easier deliveries (strong abs and a great cardiovascular system will give you way more stamina). You’ll also have more energy for your newborn and the increased blood flow helps your baby’s heart and brain develop (studies have shown that these babies have more efficient hearts than those of mums who did not exercise and this higher cardio fitness level seems to last into later childhood).

Growing evidence supports that exercise in pregnancy is not only beneficial for mother and child during gestation, but benefits can persist for the child into adulthood, and include decreasing risk of developing chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and CVD. (SOURCE: The Influence of Prenatal Exercise on Offspring Health by Moyer, Roldan Reoya and May). Working out will also help reduce backache, constipation, bloating and swellings and helps prevent or treat gestational diabetes (it can lower your risk by up to 27%) and increases your energy levels and improves your mood. What’s not to like? It’s easy to fall into bad posture habits too thanks to your growing uterus and regular training promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance and that vital exercise component, sleep! It’s a bad idea to try and exercise to lose weight when you are pregnant, but there is no doubt staying fit will help you gain less weight. Rule of thumb, if you exercised before you fell pregnant and you are not at risk of miscarriage, it’s ok to continue (with obvious modifications as each trimester passes). Oobermama teaches a programme of pre-natal Pilates that adapts to your pregnancy, with some light cardio thrown into the loop. You can opt for one-on-one sessions or join in a group work-out. Online, 1-1 and class options available (See Timetable or Email for further details).

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