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About Me

I moved back to the UK in 2017 from Singapore, where I had built up an award-winning fitness company. Since returning, my focus has been mainly on women’s health, although I do work with other rehab issues, such as back pain and low fitness and run regular Pilates and HiiT classes and 1-1 sessions. I have always worked closely with both physios and medics, to ensure my clients get the best fitness programmes for their conditions, over the years building up a bank of shared knowledge with many other professionals. I also hold webinars and in-person training for GPs, physiotherapists, and other medical professionals to highlight diastasis risks (abdominal separation) and to demonstrate how to check a patient/client for separated muscles. My Studio Pilates International Matwork Instructor’s certification was designed and taught by Australian physiotherapists. Based on classic Pilates, it enables me to offer safe, effective exercises for clients of all fitness levels. Combining Hypopressives and Pilates in one class, enables me to offer a unique approach which has become the foundation of my core-building programmes and resulted in some great outcomes for my clients. I recognise the importance of designing programmes to carefully restore strength from the inside out. I’m passionate about spreading awareness of the need to do abdominal checks on all post-natal mums. This simple but vital examination is not currently a prescribed part of post-natal checks, nor taught to medics or GPs in their training. Left undetected, it can lead to serious complications including back issues, incontinence and prolapses. This has prompted me to launch my campaign FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I’m calling for NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) which sets medical guidelines and practices, to introduce the training and to make the test a compulsory part of post-natal checks by midwives and GPs. With five children myself, I know how difficult it is for us mums to find the time to put our health and wellbeing at the forefront; I have also seen how hard it can be for many women to get the medical help and treatment they need promptly. I hope in a small way I can help change this mindset, so women’s health will be a priority rather than an afterthought. In September 2022, following my own abdominal surgery, I developed a programme to help women prepare for and recover from both laparoscopic and abdominal incision hysterectomies, a programme which also benefits women post C-section. I was one of the lucky ones as I knew how to rehabilitate myself post-surgery, but for most women they are having to guess their way to fitness, with many opting to do nothing out of fear of doing themselves damage. As a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Pelvic Health Specialist in Singapore, I was able to build up a strong reputation across the island, culminating in my company Ooberfit being awarded the accolade of Best Fitness Provider by a national magazine two years in a row (2015 and 2016). I also featured as a headline trainer at Singapore's inaugural fitness event, FitnessFest 2017, and introduced Hypopressives over there. Since arriving back in the UK, I have twice been a finalist in the annual Harrogate Mumbler Awards. When I’m not training clients, you might catch me writing an article or two on fitness and health, drawing on my previous skill set as a journalist and sub-editor on daily, evening, and national publications. Aside from offering weekly classes and one-on-one sessions, I also lead corporate workshops and staff wellness sessions and teach Pilates in schools. Using Zoom, I work with women with abdominal separation/pelvic floor/prolapse and other rehab issues across the country and in Singapore.

Why work with me?

Although I played sport at a high level in school and at university, I stopped training once I became a mum and only got the bug again after the birth of my third child to help me lose the baby weight. I didn’t start running until just before turning 40, taking part in my first 10k two months later. I entered my first marathon nine months on from then and have now run eight marathons on three continents - in the cities of London, New York, Paris, and Singapore.

My goal is to show other people, particularly those with little or no history of exercise, that fitness is not an exclusive club, but something everyone can do, whatever their background. The part of my job that gets me out of bed every day is the part where I help a client to be the best they can be; so, they can feel great about themselves!

To keep fit, aside from doing Hypopressives and Pilates, I run for headspace and love working out with my TRX (I’m a certified instructor), one of my favourite pieces of equipment. I am a recent convert to cycling and am loving exploring the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside on my Specialized Allez. But I can also do couch potato like a pro, you cannot beat a lazy afternoon or evening watching TV!

My Credentials

OoberMama Rosette

Pre & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist 

OoberMama Rosette

Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), accredited by the European Health And Fitness association

OoberMama Rosette

Certified Matwork Pilates Instructor (Studio Pilates International, Australia)

OoberMama Rosette

Senior Hypopressives Trainer with UKHypopressives

OoberMama Rosette

Certified TRX Instructor

OoberMama Rosette

Certified Level 1 & Advanced Kick-Boxing Instructor (THUMP)

OoberMama Rosette

Personal Trainer, International Sports Academy

OoberMama Rosette

Personal Trainer, United States Sports Academy

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