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More Sleep Leads To Less Hunger

DID YOU KNOW MORE SLEEP LEADS TO LESS HUNGER, fewer cravings and more energy and motivation to exercise?

It's one of the main reasons why so many new mums struggle to lose their baby weight. Recent research took an in depth look at how effective weight loss programmes are, and the news is not encouraging. The study set out to analyse 32 well known programmes to see which ones family doctors should be promoting. It wasn't good news I'm afraid. The US study which included Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, analysed 45 studies lasting at least a year. Even the most effective studies, including Jenny Craig, were only moderately successful. At the 12 month mark participants lost only 4.9% more weight than people not on a weight loss programme. The reasons these programmes didn't work? They don't allow for individual metabolic realities and psychological sensitivities.

As we say on our website ( 'one size does not fit all' both where exercise is concerned as of course with weight loss. The fact is dietary and exercise plans must honour individual preferences. If we do not like what we are doing we won't stick with it, whether we are talking about food or workouts! Simples! The trick is to give ourselves as much of what we love while still getting results (that's actually the nice fact, yay) But of course, there is also the rub! Most people think that to achieve a balanced metabolism we must first reduce calories and lose weight. This approach means an unbalanced metabolism according to Jane Teta, ND, co-author of the book 'Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Area' (2015, Rodale). She says our goal should be to get our metabolism balanced first as this will ensure sustained calorie deficits because hunger and cravings are minimised and then weight loss follows. How do we do this? Well, once we adopt this mindset we are the boss of our own journey, advocating and seeking ways to balance our metabolism - the key to our weight loss!

Research is pretty clear that we can focus on only a maximum of one to three changes at a time; the trick it would appear, is to determine keystone habits that, when changed, make other habits easier to change. So we need to distance ourselves from the faddy diets and quick fixes and, as I've said before, look at changing from the outside in and start with boosting our metabolism. This is where exercise can help. Studies have shown HIIT and Tabata routines can really help kickstart our metabolism. So, as I've said before, change is so much more than just our latest diet; it's about life changes, dietary adaptations and healthier long-term practice through exercise and good eating. A big ask, but one that could transform our lives and those of our families! (Study Source -ACE)

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